Empress Marlene


Watermelon stone and faux pearl Schiaparelli set

Another beautiful example of Schiaparelli's ability to delicately fuse simplicity and sensation into the world of costume jewellery. This rare set in perfect condition shows the stunning result of a brave and somewhat restrained designer in action in the late 1950s. Adding her signature watermelon stones with pearls changed the world of pearl wearing forever. This is why we love Elsa.

Materials - Signed Elsa Schiaparelli bracelet and clip-on earring set with faux pearls and watermelon stones. Length of earrings is approximately 3cm with each watermelon stone approximately 2cm. Bracelet is approximately 8cm long.

Vintage items are not new but often between 20 to 150 years old and therefore may have minor imperfections.

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