Not many designers have left the legacy that Elsa Schiaparelli has, particularly on fashion and costume jewellery. It has been a thrilling process to see the House of Schiaparelli come back to life in the last couple of years under the creative directorship of Marco Zanini. 

Starting with a tribute to Elsa by Christian Lacroix in 2012, surrealism and the flamboyant absurdity of design has been sneaking back into the world of fashion one exciting step at a time. 

With the 2014 Haute Couture show, the first for the House of Schiaparelli since 1954, it is clear to say that Elsa’s surrealism, which shocked Paris 90 years ago and forever changed the landscape of fashion and costume jewellery forever, is back!

The inspiration for this year’s collection is plucked from some of our favourite Elsa elements; ivy and leaves from her 1938 Pagan collection, masculine tailoring, bold motifs and elaborate embroideries. But most of all, we are stunned by the quirkily iconic jewellery!


hair clip

The jewellery follows the tricky surrealist themes that reinvigorated fashion in Paris and taught people the bold and precise art of accessorising. Marco Zanini’s collection has created precious flowers in the shapes of carnivorous plants, a clear tribute to Elsa’s desire to challenge the perceptions of the onlooker, or at least make them take a second curious glance!


But seriously where do we start with the Winter/Fall Collection? Fearless unconvention and the irreverent femme fatale…  I think it is all we can say. Wow!

We’ve picked a few images that we think deserve particular praise as examples of Elsa’s unreal surrealism with a contemporary flair.

look 16 look 13 look 24 look 12

Congratulations to Marco Zanini and the House of Schiaparelli. We cannot wait for the 2015 Spring/Summer collection.

If you want to see how it compares to Elsa's vintage items, here is a sneak peak of our favourite pieces from the Empress Marlene collection of vintage Elsa Schiaparelli costume jewellery. 

 Pink choker main globe set main

Shocking Pink Pearl Choker                                                Art Deco globe set

cornucopia earrings main1 Cosmic cuff main

Cornucopia Inspired Earrings                                              Cosmic Cuff - made for beach-wear!