When we found this piece and fell in love with the calmness of the mint green chrysoprase, we decided that this stone deserved a bit of research.

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Chrysoprase is the most valuable form of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz that is found mostly in igneous rock formations, or volcanic or fire rocks. In fact, Queensland, Australia, is renowned as having the best deposit of chrysoprase.

While chalcedony can be found in many colours, the colour of chrysoprase ranges from deep jade green to light translucent apple green glass. And is made up of tiny crystals that are invisible to the naked eye.

Like most other stones the value of chrysoprase is judged by its colour, however, also is also graded by its translucency. The right combination of colour, with ‘jelly bean green’ as the most coveted, and a depth and translucency of the colour, makes for a high-class stone.

Chrysoprase was first mined in the 14th Century and continues to be highly sought after, especially for those wanting to rival the best jade pieces.   

Exquisite pieces such as our Chrysoprase Spike Necklace circa 1920s prove that chrysoprase can stand the test of time in quality, allure and rarity. As a consequence this beautiful rock has proven itself to be a gemstone.

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Image courtesty of Rock and Mineral Supermarket Australia