At Empress Marlene we have always been excited to see the innovative ways that designers are reinventing jewellery and design

French designer, Stefano Poletti, is a fine example of a jewellery designer expanding the definition of design, experimenting with different materials and most noticeably his use of light. We are very proud to host a collection of our favourite pieces from Stefano’s extensive range.

portrait photographe Vincent Tessier 2

Stefano amazed the design world with his breath-taking collaboration with Baccarat that expertly reflects light and established himself as a master of light and design.


Collier baccaratPendentif Baccarat

Here is a snap shot of our favourite pieces

luna1lowresalba necklace

Mythical Centaur Necklace                                        Limoges Porcelain Leaves Necklace


Sand Coral and Glass Pearl Earrings                              Limoges Porcelain Warrior Earrings